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Commission Me to create a beautiful pieces for your home, vacation rental or business.

I Can Create for you Long Lasting

Abstract Acrylic Paintings   |   Photographic Art Prints


Mixed Media Pieces   |    Poetic Musings (written or spoken)

Basic Starter Pricing* *Rates are Dependent on Specifics 

Acrylic Paintings

Small Size (less than 2ft) - $200

Large Size (2-5ft) -$300

Photographic Art Prints

Small Size (less than 1ft) - $100

Large Size (1-3ft) -$500

Mixed Media Pieces

Small Size (less than 1ft) - $250

Large Size (1-3t) -$400

Poetic Musings with 1 year commitment

Hand Written Poem (mailed)- $5/mo

Spoken Word Poem (emailed) -$10/mo

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