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Master Craftsman Services

Learn to create the old fashioned creator method through direct immersion and apprentice type teachings as I have done!

Walkabouts Shooting Sessions - $250*

- 2 hour sessions within 25 miles of Portland, OR

- Learn Composition and Light Assessment for film photography

Film Development Sessions - $150*

- Learn basic black and white film development

Photographic Art Prints Sessions - $300*

- Learn basic darkroom skills to make contact prints and prints

Abstract Painting Therapy Sessions - $200*

- Lear the joy and excitement of letting go Jackson Pollock style.

*Multiple Sessions Available.  Take 10% off if 5 or more sessions booked at once

Creative Consulting

Self Publishing Package - $500 - 2500

- Package can be configured from basic guidance on publishing your book to hand holding on all steps in the process.

Ethical Brand SocialMedia Packages - $500 - 2500

- Package can be configured for any social media collaboration.

Ethical Scientific Consulting Services

I have 20+ years of experience working in the built environment doing applied science, and can offer you my expertise

- Solar Home Budget and Off Grid Design Concepts

- Energy Management of Residential & Commercial Buildings

- Indoor Air Quality

- Sustainable Home Renovation

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