Licensing Information

We have a very simple Digital License available for for purchase.  You may purchase a Digital License for a flat one time fee.  The license entitles you to the right to reuse the image for as long as you have possesion of it, with proper photography credits given to SunshineInk/Lucas Klesch.  These rights are not transferable to other parties, nor can the image be manipulated beyond its origial intent without the exprerss written consent of the original copyright owners, SunshineInk/Lucas Klesch.  Your access to the Digital Lincensed image is good for 24 hours from the time of purchase and can be downloaded either from your order confirmation page or from a link provided in your order email.  It is recommended that you download the image immediately and then back it up for safe keeping.


A site wide download license which would allow you to download multiple images is available upon request. Please inquire about price at

The Fresch Klesch