Shipping Policies

Our shipping policies are in place to ensure your valuable piece or pieces of artwork arrive at your desination without any issue or blemish.  We understand that these are valuable pieces of art and therefore we cannot entertain a return policy on any purchased piece of art.  We can assure you that every artwork will be shipped with the utmost care as we will follow these steps each time we ship an order.

1)  Packaging and shipping of the artwork will be done within a few days of the order to assure it is packed for safe travel.

2)  All artwork will be bubble wrapped and placed into its shipping container with sufficient additional padding to reduce any transport issues.

3)  All artwork will be shipped standard ground to reduce the number of transfers and therefore the number of opportunities for the shipping carrier to damage the art.

4)  The shippment carrier will be chosen based on the artwork and who can best deliver it with the least issue based on size.

5)  Where possible, all appropriate artwork will be insured for the vlaue of the piece at the time of shipment as an additional assurance.

If you have any questons or concerns on our shipping policies, please send a message to our fullfillment team at

The Fresch Klesch