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This Origins of the Universe Painting is an abstract view of how the cosmos begins from the simplest of scientific principles like Brownian Motion, Osmosis, and Temperature stratification.


It is a beautiful watercolor piece that give youa sense of growth from the explosion of gasses in a vacuum.  Like all abstracts, the viewer will see faces, bodies, and the like in the composition.  I see a goat face exploding in the pink/red color, from the blue.  You may see something different, and isn't that the beauty of abstract paintings.

24" x 30" Abstract Watercolor Painting

    • All Artwork is original and unique pieces that come with a Certificate of Authenticity
    • All Canvas' come with sustainable canvas framing choices
      • Canvas Only/No Frame
      • Recycled Aluminum black metal framing
      • Green harvested black wood framing
    • ArtCare safe packaging included
    • WorldWide shipping available
    • Usually ships within 2-4 weeks depending on schedule
    • Usually available for Pdx Pickup within 2 weeks depending on schedule (Must show id at time of pickup)
    • All sales are final, no refunds.
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