The artwork of The Fresch Klesch is pure multifaceted adrenaline genius bringing a modern vibrant raw style of first person exploration.  He is a poet, photographer and painter of adult and alternative lifestyle themes.  His poetry seamlessly weaves words of science, love, and debauchery as he delves into dive bars and the subculture of alternative living.  His first person style is a tapestry of swoontastic words that put you in the barstool with him.  This first person styles is carried over to his pioneering raw photography of beautiful inked women in what has been called iPOV erotica.  His study of light and shadow are a sinewy exploration of the diving found in people and buildings as he attempts to define a high contrast style of night photography.  This all culminates with a vibrant color painting style that is has fierce brush strokes and texture.  His painting styled has been called a non-professional Georgia O'Keefe that mixes the subtle feminine with a bold vibrancy that makes you smile.

The Fresch Klesch