© 1975 to present, Lucas Klesch / Sunshine Ink

Lucas Klesch

Creative Provocateur Always Seeking Mystical Connections to the Universe

Born 1975 in Redwood City, California

Currently resides in Portland, Oregon

Photographer since 1982

Poet since 1985

Painter since 2005

Bachelor of Science - Chemistry/Biochemistry - Portland State University (1999)

Master of Science - Analytical Chemistry - University of California Riverside (2000)


Group Show; Torefazione; Portland, OR; 2003

Group Show; Gallery 114; Portland, OR; 2004

Solo Show; POS; Portland, OR; 2004

Solo Show; Binks Gallery; Portland, OR; 2004

Annual Group Show; High Yellow Moon Gallery; Portland, OR; 2005-2010

Solo Show; Brick House Gallery; Eugene, OR; 2009

Photograph Taken by Emily Klesch on Polaroid 2010

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Lucas is a throw back to an age that does not exist in modern times.  He is of the old ways, having his artistic abilities first taught to him by his father, who in turn was taught by his father.  They have been solidified over the years through his knowledge of science, his study of light, and 35 years of creating every day. He is a descendent of both Emily Dickinson and Dylan Thomas, two great poets of history. He is a renaissance man in a time of specialties, and has invented scientific instrumentation to go along with twenty years of fighting climate change.  He currently resides in Portland, Oregon where he is raising his daughter to explore her creativity while loving mother earth.

His photography at its root is based in a documentary style of capturing the moment and the light as they present the subject.  His motto of shoot everything is a basis for thirty years of film and digital photographs.  Over time, he has used this to great effect in capturing the final days of history as progress erases it, in his studio work which pioneered the Art of Twisted Pinups, as well as the wanderlust adventures which chase the last natural beauty of planet earth.

Lucas was first published as a teenager, and has published three poetry books which chronicled the alternative lifestyle of Portland dive culture in a lyrical cadence reminiscent of Dylan Thomas.  His fourth poetry book is a meditation ooHis Poetry is a visceral emotional rollercoaster of the balance between his emotional artistic heart and his rational scientific mind.  He incorporates scientific principles into the mysteries of love in a wild juxtaposition worthy of Emily Dickinson.

His abstract paintings are a study of universal truth embedded in the stars since the birth of time, and have subtle messages that linger as the light of day fades.  His painting style is a way to balance his opposite sides of science and creativity, and remind us of where we have come from in the face of where we are going.